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 17 aprile 2018
Kick-off meeting progetto NUR

Domani, 18 aprile, l’Istituto ospiterà il kick-off meeting del progetto NUR, iniziativa cofinanziata con fondi ...

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 10 aprile 2018
SITI interviene alla International Training School on Digital Heritage.

Nell’ambito della cooperazione avviata tra il progetto RESCULT e l’azione COST TD1406 (Innovation in Intelligent ...

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 6 aprile 2018
SiTI apre le porte in occasione della Photo Marathon organizzata dalla Compagnia di San Paolo

In occasione del lancio della app #vistadaqui, la Compagnia di San Paolo organizza per sabato 14 aprile una Photo Marathon composta ...

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Politecnico di Torino Compagnia di San Paolo

 20 November 2017
RESCULT Project Partners’ meeting and User Forum

At the end of November 2017, two important events related to RESCULT Project will take place in Venice: on 28th the Partners’ meeting and on 29th the first User Forum. Sergio Olivero, Massimo Migliorini and Francesco Moretti, from the Security Area, will represent SiTI, Lead Partner of the Project.

The overall objective of RESCULT is to enhance the capability of Civil Protection to prevent and mitigate impacts of disasters on sites of Cultural Heritage. This will be done through the realization of an integrated European Interoperable Database designed to provide a unique framework for Civil Protection, national Ministries of Cultural Heritage, the European Union (EU), local authorities. Moreover, RESCULT will provide a disaster risk reduction strategy to improve both prevention and resilience capacities.

The User Forum will gather together different stakeholders operating in the field of Cultural Heritage Protection and Emergency Management, with the aim to discuss the conceptual model of the European Interoperable Database (EID).