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 20 November 2017
RESCULT Project Partners’ meeting and User Forum

At the end of November 2017, two important events related to RESCULT Project will take ...

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 3 November 2017
SITI at “Cultural Heritage in the Digital Era” in Brussels

Last 25th October Massimo Migliorini was invited to attend an invitation-only event organized by European Commission ...

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 2 October 2017
Final Conference of PRODIGE Project

On October 10th SiTI will host the Final Conference of PRODIGE (Protecting the Citizens, Defending ...

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Recipients H2020

Project Duration 16 months (from January 2016)


  • RISSC - Italy
  • REC - Hungary
  • University of Maribor - Slovenia
  • University of Coruna - Spain

Project description WATER CRIMES Project aims at increasing the systematic knowledge of crimes and threats against drinking water in Europe. Collection of “intelligence” information about crimes against water and consequent measures adopted in different European countries will allow the development of security strategic analysis, including risks&vulnerability map at EU level. It will be explored in particular the links between the different crime typologies: environmental, economic, organized. The project will create the first European report on the crimes perpetrated against the drinking water sector, expected in 2016, and will share information with potential stakeholders in Europe: Interpol, Europol, Eurojust, EUROPEAN COMMISSION, UNEP, UNODC, OECD, and national ministries.


WATER CRIMES Project aims at:

  • increasing systematic knowledge of crimes, risks and threats related to water resources in Europe;
  • collecting intelligence-led and practical information, cases on water crimes, and existing good practices in investigating and prosecuting environmental crime across European Countries;
  • developing expertise and a strategic analysis of WATER CRIMES, including risk/threat analysis at EU level; this analysis will also explore the links between different forms of environmental, economic, and organised crime;
  • providing the first European Report on Water Security, expected in 2017.
WATER CRIMES project will advance the existing knowledge on water crimes today (inventory) and in a mid-term scenarios in Europe.


Preparatory activities show that the analysis on water crimes are not developed in Europe, with the only exception of the protection of critical infrastructures.

The research will focus on information from Countries (USA, Australia, Canada) where risk assessment and risk mitigation strategies are more advanced.


  • Water networks
  • Critical Infrastructures
  • Security Assessment
  • Vulnerability  & Risk analysis
  • Interdependences analysis
  • Cascading Effects

Innovative content

WATER CRIMES project will help law enforcement authorities in preventing and detecting crimes against water resources, gathering statistics and intelligence for threat and risk analysis, collecting good practices, and also detecting links with other forms of crime (in particular fraud and other economic crimes, terrorism and cybercrime).

Expected results and achievements

The project will make the inventory of water-related crimes in Europe, and will host the first European Workshop on Water-related crimes, with experts from 28 Countries, plus 6 experts from non EU Countries.

The project will produce an outlook of this crimes in Europe (5-7 years), and publish the first report on water crimes in Europe.

Results will be shared with relevant stakeholders in Europe (INTERPOL, EUROPOL, EUROJUST, EUROPEAN COMMISSION, UN ECE Water Convention, UNEP, UNODC, OECD, ENVSEC, International River Basin commissions, etc.).