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 8 giugno 2018
Presentazione del Piano di Azione del progetto LUMAT per la zona omogenea 11

E stato presentato a Chieri il Piano di Azione che si sta attuando nella Zona ...

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 7 giugno 2018
Terzo meeting plenario del progetto europeo RESCULT in SITI

L’Istituto ha ospitato il terzo meeting di RESCULT (www.rescult-project.eu ), progetto europeo che punta a ...

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 6 giugno 2018
SiTI presente all’Assemblea Generale dell’Alliance de Villes Euro-Méditerraneennes de Culture 

Sergio Olivero, responsabile dell’Area Sicurezza, parteciperà ai lavori dell’Assemblea Generale dell’AVEC (Alliance de Villes Euro-Méditerraneennes ...

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Politecnico di Torino Compagnia di San Paolo

 2 October 2017
Final Conference of PRODIGE Project

On October 10th SiTI will host the Final Conference of PRODIGE (Protecting the Citizens, Defending the Infrastructures and Managing Big Events) (www.pro-prodige.eu), and the project results will be presented, with focus on Virtual Reality transboundary platform for the training of civil protection and emergency operators.

Laura Birkman, senior consultant in charge of assisting the DG HOME of the European Commission in the development of the Community of Users on Secure, Safe and Resilient Society, will coordinate the round table.

Thanks to PRODIGE, four “pilot contexts” has been developed with reference to emergency cases caused by natural hazards (floods) and accidents: for each of them Operators’ rescue protocols were recreated. 

In SiTI’s Virtual Reality Lab the participants will be able to virtually “dive” into emergency, understanding the different stages of action as resulting from official and operational procedures.

During the conference, some technological solutions will also be presented, together with innovative tools for social network analysis.

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